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Gymnastika, Inc.
6522 Fig St. Unit B Arvada, CO 80004
303-237-8976 | gymnastika@aol.com

Gymnastics is one of the most challenging and demanding sports in the world. Moving from the recreational program to the competitive team requires considerable enthusiasm, endurance, and commitment. But our athletes demonstrate unequaled dedication and constantly give it their all.


We compete in USA Gymnastics sponsored gymnastics events for women’s level 5-Elite. Level 5/6 are compulsory levels and compete September thru December, while level 7 thru 10 are optional levels and compete January to May in state, regional, or national meets. Our gymnasts work hard with determination to accomplish their goals. Our level 5/6/7’s work 9 to 12 hours a week and are required to come at least 3 days a week. While our level 8/9’s practice 16 to 26 hours a week depending on schedule availability and school. We have had numerous state, regional, and national champions. See our success stories for our previous history. Please call us if you are interested at 303-237-8976.